I use a combination of API and MYSQL information, but the screen flickers

Can't the parsing information be hidden in the middle?
It blinks when using a combination of API and MYSQL information.

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Hi there,

Not sure about the flicker issue, but if you're talking about hiding the middle JSON Object column in the table, you can do so by inspecting the table component -> Columns -> clicking the eyeball icon next to the column you'd like to hide.

Thanks for the reply. I think the word blinking is wrong. The problem is that the parsed information is displayed when the page is loaded.

Hey @honoru,

Would you mind sharing what the data for the table looks like when fully expanded in the left panel? You might be able to add a transformer to the query that does something like:

return data.map(({columnToExpand, ...rest}) => ({...columnToExpand[0], ...rest}));

but there may be a better solution here!

Here it is. Need more?

Thanks! Does using {{ joinSlapList.data.map(({codes, ...rest}) => ({...codes[0], ...rest})) }} work?

For some context, this uses spread syntax along with destructing assignment when mapping over the rows. You can read more about how it works in MDN's docs on unpacking properties from objects passed as a function parameter!