I need to create an internal content management system (CMS) for our company

As an Enterprise Architect I need to create an internal content management system (CMS) for our company.

We need to create web pages for Operational Management, Product Line Management, Strategic Goals, Business Processes, etc.

Does Retool have an example CMS app?

The foundation of CMS is to create Web Pages and navigate between the Web Pages. Of course we want to use Modules, Components, Views, Apps, etc.

I have built one and it wasn't difficult to get it up and running. It will depend on how you want to design each of those apps and if they are going to "talk"/pass information to other apps. Happy to help if you need it. Send me a PM.
There is also this template:

Thanks, Scott! I'll check this out and get back to you.

Many thanks to @ScotR!

We are looking to implement (internal) functionality similar to CMS systems like:

MS SharePoint is what I've used most often.

Translation Management Systems (TMS) is part of the mix. The text translation would probably be from a 3rd party product so that it was dynamic - with internal product curation.

Yes, we will need to translate Retool App Component labels and content to an appropriate language based on the user's culture.

FYI: We are using GraphQL so that we can integrate with multiple database technologies and databases.

In most cases, the data in the target database fields would be for the target language. Therefore, only the Retool Form field names (and instructions) would be available in different languages.

You folks got me thinking . . .

My first goal is to create CMS functionality just for English within Retool.


Hi All,

There are only 3 GraphQL templates: Templates

This morning I reviewed the GitHub PR Dashboard: GitHub Pull Request (PR) Dashboard Template | Retool

I think this template does a good job of implementing (some) CMS functionality with a GraphQL environment.