I get "message":"The caller does not have permission" when I try to add data to my google sheets

I authorized retool to allow reading and editing from my google account and google sheets yet i still get this error message. Please someone provide a helpful solution.

Here is the full error message that I get when i try to run the query:
addSalesOrder: {"status":400,"message":"The caller does not have permission","error":true,"queryExecutionMetadata":{"estimatedResponseSizeBytes":62,"resourceTimeTakenMs":1133,"isPreview":false,"resourceType":"googlesheets","lastReceivedFromResourceAt":1660336741...

Hi @immaverickaf Thanks for reaching out! Are you still experiencing this error?

If so, could you share a screenshot of the resource configuration? Are others using this app? If so do you know if they are seeing an error?

I see that you mentioned this comes up when trying to add data; do read queries work?

I also have the same issue. Happens with trying to add data. Have Google Sheet resource set w/ Read/Write permissions. Reading queries work. I'm the only one using this app.

Hi @NightTimeNoche Thanks for reaching out! What type of authentication are you using for the resource (OAuth 2 or Service account)? Do you have the option to try re-authenticating: