I can't get timestamp from Firestore (only when I use a table component)

Hi, I'm newbie in Retool so maybe the answer is easy:

When I see the fields of my document in Firestore I can see the timestamp data:

But when I try to see it in Retool, I don't get the timestamp, only some data I don't know where it comes from (seconds and nanoseconds).

By the way, I can see the timestamp when I get the list of documents inside a table, and I'm also able to update the timestamp using, for example "moment()", but still can't read the timestamp in text inputs components or date/time components, not even in jsonEditor.

Hi @alexanderchw Thanks for reaching out. I believe this is a bug that we're looking into.

We've seen this happen with get document by id queries:

But we don't see this happening in query Firestore queries:

The timestamp in seconds, nanoseconds should reflect the time portion of the full timestamp:

Does this match what you are seeing on your side? Are you able to use the Query Firestore type?