How to use Listview component


I have this array:

    "Name": "James Smith",
    "City": "Las Vegas",
    "Age": 32
    "Name": "Patricia Johnson",
    "City": "Chicago",
    "Age": 23
    "Name": "Robert Williams",
    "City": "Miami",
    "Age": 26

I'd like the app to show 3 Listview-containers where each container has 3 text elements with the Name, City and Age printed in.

So, the Listview looks like this:

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Looks like you’ve nailed it? Or what is the issue?

Hi @PatrickMast, you have to edit each component in the container to reference the data you are adding in the listview.

In the screenshot below, query2 contains the array you have as an example. I have them in the Item keys property (still not sure if this is best practice).

But for the referencing them in each component in the listview, you can use the following:
example: Name: {{[i].retoolInternal_rowKey.Name }}

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 12.29.52 pm


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Hey @mbruijnpff,

The image I used in the post is a photoshopped image, just to show where I want to go.



I would +1 @jocen's post here @PatrickMast! Does it work for you?

Here is my solution. I use ri instead of ri, using ri you can deal with nested listview.

Here is office docs for the nested listview, it also have a link to download a demo app json to for your reference.

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