How to specify form data key for ambigious column name?

I have a table, the data comes from a select statement including a JOIN statement.

Additionally I have a form and I am using the initial state function referencing the selected row in the mentioned table.

Now the thing is, due to the JOIN statement I have a column name that is in both tables.

Now if I type in tablename.columnname into the form data key of a field, it doesn't work. If I type in the columnname, it seems to be referencing the first table.

How can I specify which column to reference?


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Hi Scott, as I said, the column name is ambigious.

Let's say I am joining these tables:



If I use {{ }} which column does it pick, as there are two column_b? {{ }} doesn't seem to work.

If I use {{ }} which column does it pick (this would pick the columnb from table 1), as there are two column_b? {{ }} (you had an extra reference to the table1 )
For table2
{{ }}

Hi @Rupur any chance you can share some screenshots of your app set up? Thanks!