Referencing the value of another cell in the same row and passing to query

I'm attempting for each row to reference the value from another cell in the same row, and update a query for another cell. I want to do this without having to manually select a cell.

I tried:
{{table1.currentRow.keyname}} But currentrow it says is undefined.

I also tried this, and even though the data returns an array, the i value is still 'null': {{[i]}

So if you are using Custom column currentRow - {{currentRow.keyname}}, however if you are referencing table currentRow is not supported and you can go by {{}}. From what you wrote it sounds you need to loop through table data using {{[i].keyName}}.

Hi, thanks for the help! I didnt want to have to select a row to have this data appear. You mentioned looping. Would i do this within the value field via JavaScript?

You can build a JavaScript transformer or query and display the result within the field.

If you want to iterate:

for (i=0;i<;i++){
  additionalScope: {[i].ColumnNameHere

In your query, use {{valuetoPassIntoQuery}}

Hi Scott, but does this mean I would need to trigger the query?

I was able to also get some help from support:
{{ Object.entries([i])[0][1].title }} - this apparently loops for you!

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