How to create a Dropdown box in a form

I am trying to use the Select box to list data from on table and stor the ID of the selected data in another table, but it creates an "oops something unexpected...) error.

In this situation I want to store the ID of a country listed in a seperate table in the connected table. How is this possible?

Welcome to the forum! Can you share screenshots?

Well not easy, but I want a "kombi box" where you have the ID and the description in the dropdown from one tabel and then store the ID of the selected description in another (this) table

Could specify which table you select the id and label and the other table where it should appear?
Not clear in the screenshot....but from what I gather you would want to use something like
select1.value to populate the id in the second table as for label... similar but again need more information.

Hi all!

I echo Scott's sentiment here. I do think more information will as to what you're exact data you're passing as well as the components involved would make things a bit clearer as I do see form components in this screenshot rather than tables.

In either case! Scott's also correct in utilizing select1.value (or looking into the state tab for the data of another component that you'd like to pass in the event it is not a select component) to populate the fields you'd like would work here!