How to show images with fix height and width in table

I have my images data saved as B64 in db, I am using new table to show them to the user. The images are shown their full height and width, is there a way to set max value on table ?

this is my column:

This is my table:


Hey @mpmohi!

It's possible to restrict the height of your images by setting the Row height to an option other than Dynamic:

Another workaround, albeit a temporary one, might be to use some custom css:

#retool-widget-yourTableId img._5u19W{
  max-height: 100px;

Finally, you could try using an HTML column which would allow you to define an img element with a style property that limits the maximum height:

The example above uses a URL as the data source, in your case, you could try passing it a data URL instead, something like

<img src="data:img/jpg;base64,{{item}}" style="max-height: 100px" />

Let me know if any of those options work for you!

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