How to set production as default

I have configured an app with a production and staging environment.
If I log in with the created user for that the app will show up as default (as configured).
But the app seems to start with staging settings and not production.

What do I need to configure the app that it starts with production settings?

Hi @mycal!

The Production vs Staging flag gets cached per browser, so if you click Staging most recently, you'll see the app in Staging when you open it next. If I (or anyone else) opened the app, my cache would dictate the environment, separate from your cached environment.

You can also use the ?_environment=... URL param (docs here) to manually open the app in the specified environment.

Would that be helpful at all?

this link here is not found

Ah, great callout @tpbook! I went ahead and put in the new (working) link. Thank you!

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