How to set metadata for S3 object?

Hi. Currently, I am working with filepicker + S3 integration in order to upload and download files.

When I upload a file, I am setting the filename to a random uuid, so that I can avoid any file name collsion. At the same time, I hope the uploaded object will have its original name when user downloads it. For that, I am trying to set the "Content-Disposition" metadata for the S3 object I have uploaded(like in the screenshot below), so that the S3 object will be downloaded in the filename I desire. However I cannot find how I can set S3 object metadata through retool query.

Currently, I cannot use S3 Uploader component because I have to keep track of uploaded file name and original file name at the same time, while S3 Uploader component only gives me the uploaded file name. Ideally, I hope S3 Uploader Component can help me to automate this process - setting Content-Disposition of uploaded object so that it can be downloaded in its original file name. If that is possible, I believe that would be even better.

Hi dlwocks31, thanks for raising this! This is indeed something that's not possible now with the S3 Uploader. I have forwarded this feature request to our engineering team, and we will post here once it's implemented.