How to set metadata for S3 object?

Hi. Currently, I am working with filepicker + S3 integration in order to upload and download files.

When I upload a file, I am setting the filename to a random uuid, so that I can avoid any file name collsion. At the same time, I hope the uploaded object will have its original name when user downloads it. For that, I am trying to set the "Content-Disposition" metadata for the S3 object I have uploaded(like in the screenshot below), so that the S3 object will be downloaded in the filename I desire. However I cannot find how I can set S3 object metadata through retool query.

Currently, I cannot use S3 Uploader component because I have to keep track of uploaded file name and original file name at the same time, while S3 Uploader component only gives me the uploaded file name. Ideally, I hope S3 Uploader Component can help me to automate this process - setting Content-Disposition of uploaded object so that it can be downloaded in its original file name. If that is possible, I believe that would be even better.

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Hi dlwocks31, thanks for raising this! This is indeed something that's not possible now with the S3 Uploader. I have forwarded this feature request to our engineering team, and we will post here once it's implemented.


any updates? cause this would be crazy helpful ...

Hey! No updates yet unfortunately, but thanks for resurfacing this! Will pass along your bump.