Add ability to rename file downloaded from S3

Hi guys!

I'm looking for a way to rename the file that I download from S3. I know that some topics have this discussion, but none of them meet my requirements.

First of all, I tried to use this solution: S3 Download - Rename File - #2 by tgilland . I really can rename my files with it, but in this way some specific file extensions doesn't open (I got a message 'this file may be damaged'), for example I can't open .pdf, .json and .html files.

That's why I'm using the action type "Download a file from S3". In this way I can open all type of files that I download. But I can't rename them.

Is there a way that I can rename a file using the action type "Download a file from S3"? If not, could you please consider to develop a way to do so?

Thanks :wink:

Hey @Gustavo_Polonio, this isn't currently possible with that S3 action in Retool. I've submitted a feature request for this, and will update the thread here when there is any additional information to share.