How to refer in-cell modals and dropdown results?

How can I get the data of an in-cell dropdown? Regular selector can be referenced via {{}}, but those in-cell selectors don't have personal names to be referred to.

and same for the in-cell modal. I added a form here, as in the example, but it doesn't close automatically after row update. And there's no way to trigger a button to close this modal, because it is not an independent element, but part of the table cell.

Hi Vlad! I believe we're speaking in chat currently, but I'll share my response in this thread as well:

The only way to access the new value from the dropdown in a table column would be to find it in the .recordUpdates property of the table! Feel free to check it out in the left panel of your app > table_name > recordUpdates after making a change to/selecting an item from the dropdown.
For the standalone modal question, if you want a modal that can be accessed in order to .close() or .open() programmatically, then you'll need to drag in a separate modal component anywhere on the canvas, then create a Button custom column (or action button) that runs a JS query that opens this modal!

As an optional/recommended 4th step, this modal should be hidden if you don't want it to be clicked to open from the UI:

Let me know if you have any questions at all!