How to Recover Retool

Hello !

I'm currently in the middle of a technical review of using Retool at my company!
I have a question about what I need to know to do so.
Can I recover settings I've made or screens I've created in Retool?

For example, something I was working on one day went wrong and disappeared from EC2...
I need to be able to recover it in case this happens.

There are two cases I can think of.
One is to use the source control provided by the retool.
The other is to take a snapshot of the Docker Container itself and manage it periodically.

Is there a better way suggested by the retool?

Hi @progress0407

Source control could be helpful here, as you mentioned! Retool should be doing a lot of page saves when you're working on apps, so losing app work shouldn't happen often (unless more than one person is trying to edit the same app).

That said, if you lose work, you can revert your app to a previous state. Just keep this warning in mind: If you make any changes to the canvas when traveling back in time, that past version will become your present version and it messes with the history, so be careful not to touch anything until you find the version you're looking for

It's Source Control after all!

Thanks for the answer and advice!

I'll have the team take a look at it ^^.