How do you automatically update a table whenever there is a new entry to a table (Google Sheets)

| i.e. The google sheets changed from an API call and that needs to reflect on Retool frontend automatically without having to click a button to refresh the table
The use case:

I have built an ordering system for our business. When clients order something it will populate a google sheet (Which I use as my backend). I do not want to click refresh every time to check if there is a new order.

Is there a way that I can add a listener that will trigger when the table is updated?

Keep in mind I am not updating the table from Retool, it is another application that is writing the order into Google sheets, I just want to see it on my retool app immediately without having to click refresh myself.

Hi @Kilian_Boshoff - We do have a product request that will allow Retool Workflows to push live data to apps so I have registered this as another potential use-case for that as right now this is not supported.

That said, we do have some existing workarounds from another community post that might be worth checking out. The first is the ability within the advanced settings of a query to run queries periodically but this obviously can have impact on things like quotas. There's also a blog linked here that might be of interest.

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Just want to add to this. The linked blog post is what got me started into realtime. I started trying with pusher as detailed in the blog. I did end up finding a service called ably. The setup for ably is almost the same as for pusher but it was alot for friendly to auth apps to send out data messages