How to make each table cell a link?

Hi, how can I make each cell of table a link linking to different retool pages.

For now I have a coloumn as a URL but every cell of that coloumn leads to only one URL.
Here's the Table I'm working upon.

I want to open country pages (For eg: If I click on Australia, page for Australia should open and same for other countries as well)

Is there any way I can do it? Or any other trick using which I can accomplish this task?


I would recommend rendering the column as html and using <'a'> tags to turn it to a link

Thanks for the reply DavidD,

I tried rendering coloumn as HTML but I am not able to figure out where I should use the <'a'> tag.

Here's the screen I am getting

Would love to get further help on exactly where I should include <'a'> tag.


here's an example of using the 'a' tags. you'll need to update it for your needs but that should get you started

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Still the problem remains, Each cell in the coloumn leads to only one destination in this case as well (In your case

How to fix this?


it's not quite clear where the website you want is coming from, but if it is in the same table, you could substitute "" for "currentRow.XXXX" to make it dynamic

So, the website I want is coming from another Retool page.
For eg: After clicking on Australia, I want to open another retool page which
I have created.

Sorry for so many questions.
And thank you so much for your time.