Have a "Link" column in a table but show the name of the link instead of the URL

I want to have a column in a table that is the "Link" type, but for example show "Google" in the column cell instead of "https://google.com". But when the link is clicked, it will open https://google.com. Is that possible?

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Hey @socaljoker,

Definitely possible :))

  • Enable "Render cell as pure HTML" for the column
  • Add a mapper:
<a href= "{{currentRow.url}}" target="_blank">

target="_blank" is telling the browser to open the link in a new tab rather then redirecting you to the URL in the same tab.

Does that work for you?

Thanks! I had tried using HTML before, but my issue was I was trying to use the "Link" column type when I needed to use the "HTML" column type. Thanks!

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This works, but it means you have markup in your exported data. It would be really rad if you could independently specify a label for the Link column type!