How to insert data into joined table?

I have displayed a table on retool and source to that table is a query-
select * from table1 inner join table2 on =;

But retool is not showing the add new row button when I checked this table's properties from the right side menu.

How can I have an "add new row button"? I do not want a form for inserting data into table1 and table2. I just want something like we get when we click on the "add new button".

@Tejas_Akadkar Welcome to the forum!
Is it possible for you to share some screen shots/code?

Hey @Tejas_Akadkar!

The toolbar is back in the new table and is pretty customizable so you can set it up to open your own customizable add row modal. It should get close to the behavior in the legacy table but with more control over what the add row behavior looks like. It's possible to generate the form directly from the table as well.

Is there a particular part of that workflow you're trying to avoid?

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Thanks for the help. Well, this could be one solution, which is also great, but I was looking for something more like the horizontal floater we get when we click the add row button.

I see, can you let me know a bit more about why you'd rather use the horizontal floater? The dev team looks at the forums and I'll pass your feedback along as well!