How to have multiple buttons in a column

Hi retool team,

I want to have multiple button components in one column with each button triggering a different query. How can I do this?

Thank you.

Hi @doris.l

Currently, the best way to have multiple buttons in a single column is to use the Action button feature. We have some documentation here:

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Hi @Tess .
I checked that link, but there's only 1 button in 1 column. :cry:


Hey there :wave: If you click +Add you can keep adding buttons :blush:

Building onto this question - what if you just want one cell to have a button?

@lancepoole - Could you conditionally disable the button to accomplish "showing" in only one cell?

I think it "disables" the button and makes it greyed out. Is there a way to accomplish the dynamic "showing" of the button? My use case is that the table data changes dynamically baseed on the user input and so the button is needed only in some input cases.

@seokjungms there is not a hidden configuration that you can set, but we do have the item on our to-do list. Meanwhile, to accomplish dynamically hiding the element you'll need to do so with CSS. For example,

button.ant-btn.ant-btn.minimal:disabled {
display: none;
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