How to handle base64 audio?

Hello everyone. Maybe I am missing something but I have tried a variety of things so I wanted to get your ideas.

What is the best practice when it comes to playing audio in ReTool? I am using the ElevanLabs API and an getting audio I would like to play in the form of base64 code.

I would like to be able to now provide the user with a very simple player to play the audio. I was surprised that ReTool doesn't seem to have an audio widget.

How would you recommend I handle base64 audio with a simple player? Keep in mind that the ElavanLabs doesn't provide a "file" per se it's simple a chunk of base64 audio.

Thank you.

The utils.playSound API supports base64 audio now. Try something like


Unfortunately can't share the entire string due to message size limits but if you need it, DM and I can try different formats.

If you are on iOS make sure the MIME type is accurate or it will not work. Every other platform seems to do type sniffing.