Upload Recorded Audio to S3

  • Goal: We are trying to upload the recorded audio from the Retool microphone component into S3.

  • Steps:
    We have tried to follow the docs for both s3 and the audio recording component. It is not clear how to handle the base64 recording data and get that into S3.

  • Screenshots:

hey @mullinsjo ! it seems to work for mp4 content. let me try webm next

and then the downloaded file plays the audio i recorded ^

webm seems to work too in VLC after downloading the file. let me try opus specifically

Thank you Justin!

yeah this works:

this doesn't:

nor this:

i think it's mp4 from retool, i don't know enough about this specifically whether S3 is faithfully returning an actual webm format or just mp4 with a webm extension on the filename