How to get Row Action to display on the left of a table row

Using the new table component, is there a way to have the Row Action display on the left of the table row instead of the right?


i got it!

#myTestTable--0 > div.yRovz3 > div.UqJtzx > div.vX7njU > div:nth-child(n) > div.VzrgYx{
  position: sticky;
  right: 96%;   


file name says it all, but ya sorry for the nightmare quality.... gotta give it to microsoft for lowering the bar with free gif export

bonus points to whoever knows how to make it snap back to the far right when the scroll bar is 100% right only? so < 100% put it on the left like above and >= 100% put it on the right like normal

the original code uses left: -51px to put it on the right side


Nice solution. So this can only be done using CSS? Thank you for the solution. I love to know if there are other solutions.

The old table version had an explicit setting to have a column on the right or left for the action buttons.

@bobthebear, would you mind going back and cleaning up your other posts or putting them all together to make it easier for others to understand this approach? Thank you.

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CSS is the best way to go for now! This is something we're actively working on. Stay tuned!

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