How to escape double curly braces?

I'm writing a message templating interface that uses Handlebars JS as its engine. Handlebars uses the double curly brace syntax for substitution just like Retool which poses a challenge when I'm creating template strings (i.e, "Hi {{firstname}}, how are you?")

What's the suggested way to escape curly braces such that Retool knows to not substitute, but subsequent JS sees the double curly brace its expecting?

Is it: "Hi {{firstname}}, how are you?"

Hey @tradesorg_chris!

{{'\{\{Escaped curlies\}\}'}} works pretty well in transformers:

In JS queries or preloaded JS you shouldn't have to escape the curlies so something like this should work:

return "{{Escaped curlies}}"

Do either of those fit what you're looking for?