How to disable button based on multiple factors

I have a button that I want to be disabled unless all 3 other fields have information in them.

Here is the 'if' statement I have been trying but it does not work.

if ({{convertibility_class.value == ""}} && {{physical_class.value == ""}} && {{usage_class.value == ""}}) {true;}
else {false;}

If I put any one of the conditions by itself in the Disable entry then it works properly for that field, e.g., {{convertibility_class.value == ""}}.

But as soon as I try to combine them it does not work

Try just adding your conditions chained inside the double brackets without the if/else syntax.

{{convertibility_class.value == "" && physical_class.value == "" && usage_class.value == ""}}

It worked but I had to change the AND (&&) to OR (||) for it to work properly

Thank you