Disable submit button in form until all required fields are filled?

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Is there any option to disable the submit button on a form, until the user fills in all required fields?
In the form component, I list. However, it only allows one.
How could I do?

Yes turn this on
Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 11.34.38 AM

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Where would it be on the button?

It's in the form component - not on the button


How do I disable the butoon component, when all inputs are not filled in?

I'm asking this, because I'm on the button on the disable tab, and it only allows me to put a validation:

Na hora que eu coloco, duas, mostra isso:

And the test to verify usage:



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Could it be some bug?

Because it only works with one statement. With two, it recognizes that it is false, but sends the value of true.

false false = true ?

You need to use || as the operator as an "OR"

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