Disabled Scheduled Triggers still triggering

I have 3 scheduled triggers - 2 of which are/should be disabled, however these are still triggering my workflow.

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Hi @mawdo81 :wave:

A disabled query can be triggered by another workflow. It is possibly that this is the case here? :thinking:

Thanks @AbbeyHernandez , yes I'm aware of that oddity, but in all my workflows looking at the run history there are different icons in the run instances list and the icons for this correspond to a scheduled trigger.
In addition, for each run, if you look at the Global (all blocks) logs, there is a Workflow Trigger ID which corresponds to a scheduled trigger with the cron details.

I had the same issue! So strange, I've been using Workflows for many months, and it had never happened before. It occurred to me on the 19th and 21st of April when disabled triggers were activated, resulting in incorrect data for my end-users.

To prevent this from happening again, I have permanently removed all disabled triggers, just in case.

I thought perhaps a Retool Cloud Workflow update was performed?

Thank you both for reporting this. Looks like were experiencing a regression here. I've logged these incidents and will post here with any updates. Thanks @ellenhelena for sharing what you're doing to work around it in the meantime.

Looks like we have a fix and it should be in one of the next releases!

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