How to customize the options title for oneOf in a json-schema form?


I'm trying to build a form using json-schama form component, for property using oneOf in the schema, it auto-generates a dropdown for all the options, it's good but the title of each option is Option 1, Option 2, is there any way to customize it?
I tried description or $id for the object elements inside oneOf but it didn't work.

  "properties": {
    "hello": {
      "description": "hello world",
      "oneOf": [
        {"description": "Type1", "$id": "type1", "type": "number"},
        {"description": "Type2", "$name": "type2", "type": "string", "enum": ["abc"]}

Thanks in advance.

I've found the answer that title works, from Customizing Option 1, Option 2, etc. Drop-Down Labels Displayed When There Are Multiple Valid Schemas for a Schema Element · Issue #1586 · rjsf-team/react-jsonschema-form · GitHub :slight_smile: