React-json-schema component error

I am trying to use oneOf functionality in the react-json-schema component. There is an example on this page react-jsonschema-form playground, just click "oneOf" to get its data.

If I copy and paste the schema, ui_schema and defaults values into the component in Retool I get an error "Error:Cannot convert undefined or null to object".

Is it maybe that the unlaying react-json-schema component used in Retool is an old version and doesn't support this functionality yet? Simpler examples work fine.



Hi @rjones-cto Thanks for reaching out!

We have a bug report for this specific behavior and for upgrading to the newest version of react-json-schema. I don't have a timeline yet, but I'll try to bump them internally & will let you know on this thread if we can successfully resolve this on the current version or upgrade the library

Thanks @Tess , I look forward to the upgrade. In the meantime we got going with a custom component.