How To Create a Search Bar with button

So I am trying to create a search bar with a search button instead of using the filters but I cannot figure it out. What would the code look like to search for a single column such as Serial Number in a table that is named DemoLicenseTable?

This is my code: DemoLicenseTable.setFilters[{columnName: "Serial Number", filterValue: Search_Bar.value, operator: "contains" }]

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

The code to set the filter would look something like table1.setFilter({ columnId: "name", operator: "=", value: textInput1.value}) but also make sure there is a button to clear the filters as well! You can read more on our docs here.

Using a separate SQL Query (if your table uses SQL) can work here with a code like SELECT * FROM table_name

WHERE name = {{textInput1.value}}