Text input - search table

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have a table with many rows and columns, and want a text-input for users to search in the table. After looking at the documentation etc this looks simple, but i cant get it to work.

When using the text-input component and linking it to the table it returns always = "No rows found" ?

Table id : table1
text-input id : table1SearchFilter

Search term property: {{table1SearchFilter.value}}

What could be reasons for this?

Try importing this app and see how it's wired up :slight_smile:

Tristan Drummond - Jan 12, 2024 - 12:19:22PM.json (438.9 KB)

hey @simenn did the example app @tristdrum shared (thanks @tristdrum!) help you make progress toward the functionality you're looking for? What remaining questions do you have? Maybe folks here can help you make further progress knowing where you're still stuck.

If you got it working, would you be open to sharing what learnings helped you solve it, so others who find this topic can learn too? Thanks!