How to create a modal with that kind of table?

hi how i can create a modal with that function inside (attached video)

thank you

That is a very broad question. The short, and somewhat flippant answer - sorry - is you drop a modal on your app and start putting the needed components into it. Pretend like you are simply building an entire app within your modal.

The key to what I think you want, is you use your main app table's .selectedRow property to get the values you need for your sub tables and list views in the modal.

I use this pattern a lot and like it.

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sorry and what about the part of add opening stock? thats a regular data table?

You can either use a Table or a ListView to display the data.

If you want it to look like your example, I would use a list view.

If you use a table, you can do something almost like the inline inserting they show using the table's Save New event.

If you decide on a ListView, use another modal with a form to add the record.

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thank you thats the thing with the save new event.