[how-to] connect a currency API to a retool inventory management application to return prices in EUR

Hi Everyone :wave:

I have used Retool to create an inventory management application that returns product prices in USD and EUR.

I have put together this tutorial to show the community how I did that using ApyHub Currency Conversion API.

More specifically I have used retool to create an inventory application that will display product prices in both USD and EUR using the ApyHub currency conversion API. This way our application will be able to cater to potential customers from all around the globe (in this specific example we are going to focus on the conversion to EUR but the service we are going to use for that also supports other currencies!).

This tutorial is for you if you are:

  • Managing your product information model (PIM) for your own web store or
  • you just want to get a handle on inventory for any other purpose (such as internal equipment inventory)

The application we are going to create will allow users to:

  • Create a product inventory: Add, View, and modify products of an inventory.

  • Display the price of these products in different currencies, in USD and EUR.

In order to be able to follow this tutorial without any problem, you will need to have:

  1. Basic understanding of JavaScript and SQL

  2. A Retool account (sign up at https://retool.com/)

  3. An ApyHub account (sign up at https://apyhub.com/)

This is our first tutorial so let us know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the link to the tutorial (apologies for the link but the tutorial includes some more images than the forum here accepts).

Once you complete the tutorial, this is how the app will look like.


@everyone, this is our first Tutorial - I am planning to be creating much more similar to this so any feedback is highly welcome and appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


(Dev advocate @ ApyHub)