Building a full ERP with Retool

Hey guys!

We are Locomotive and we're working on an open-source API-first ERP system, which will work really well with Retool.

In a nutshell, we will provide straightforward API endpoints covering a few typical activities (CRM, inventory, invoices, expenses etc.), which can be used as Retool resources. Using those, you can build a tailored ERP using the Retool app builder.

We have a demo up, which covers inventory management here.

Curious to hear your thoughts!


ey! that looks awesome, may you more info? regards inventory, really looking forward for this. Will have inventory like stock transfer from warehouse A to B, warehouse management, purchase orders?

thank you

Yep, all of that is planned.

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Very cool! Would love to hear more about the architecture if you are willing to share:

  • how did you create the API?
  • what is the database backend?
  • how will the database get created?
  • how will folks "install" and "update" their ERP from your codebase?

These are all questions I have had regarding how to leverage retool as an application development platform...

thanks and good luck!

Hey @pmsteil!
The linked demo is done using an open source project called InvenTree. It worked for demo purposes, but we are not going forward with that codebase.
At the moment we're working on our own codebase, using Node, Nest.js, Postgres and Apollo. We'll provide a GraphQL API. For deployment we'll provide a Docker container.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

you guys still developing this?

We're not actively developing this at the moment due to budget constraints, but hopefully things will change later this year.

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