How to change global font size for all retool apps

Hello, It is my first time using retool and I cannot find a way to change global font size for all retool apps.

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Go to your settings and under Advanced, you can add CSS...

Ok, thank you, but is there any specific piece of code that changes all items that have text in them?
I can only find ways to change specific things, like buttons.

._retool-button1 button span {
  font-size: 24px;
  margin: 10px
:root {
  --font-size-24: 1.5rem;
  --font-size-20: 1.25rem;
  --font-size-18: 1.125rem;
  --font-size-17: 1.0625rem;
  --font-size-16: 1rem;
  --font-size-14: 0.875rem;
  --font-size-12: 0.75rem;
  --font-size-11: 11px;
  --font-size-10: 0.625rem;
  --line-height-solid: 1;
  --line-height-32: 2rem;
  --line-height-28: 1.75rem;
  --line-height-24: 1.5rem;
  --line-height-20: 1.25rem;
  --line-height-18: 1.125rem;
  --line-height-16: 1rem;
  --line-height-14: 0.875rem;
  --line-height-12: 0.75rem;

This covers a lot of stuff, but it seems like there are still specific pieces of UI that don't use variables to set the font size.