Can the Font Size be changed in buttons

Can the Font Size be changed in buttons?

I know there is no feature from within the component. I am wondering if there is a master CSS file that could accomplish this.

I would like to enlarge the font a little if possible.


Hi Mike,

In settings open your custom css ( Retool uses ._retool- to select elements). Using this method you can select your button and try something like this.

._retool-exampleButton {
font-size: 16px; !important

This should change the font size inside your button.

Hope this helps!

Docs on css inside retool are here: Retool custom CSS



I can't figure out how to get to "Settings".

Could you help me with that?


Left side then Custom CSS:

OK, I have that part.

I am attaching a screen shot.

I have put in the code as shown and it doesn't make any difference.

Am I supposed to refer to the name of specific button? I would like to make this refer to all buttons if possible.


Let me try to find out which selector will do it, as you are correct this does not change the size inside of the button, also I edited my suggestion as I had a typo. Should have been !important not !importance.

font-size: 16px;

This worked for me, it does change all buttons.


It works !!! Thank you so much for this.

The code is effecting the buttons on all screens.

This is a huge improvement. Thank you again.

I will mark this as the solution.


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Is there similar CSS code for text input components?

If there was a way to do this, it would really improve my screens.


Can you please show me an example?

Here is a screen


Hi there! We recently shipped font size controls :slightly_smiling_face: New: Component font size control

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