How to best display details views

I noticed that in the official Retool templates, whenever there's a table of items, the detail view of each one is always shown on the side. I feel that's not the best way.

The details take space, making the table shorter and you have to scroll it horizontally if it has more than 4-5 columns. They also take away the focus as the user is now seeing 2 things at once.

Wouldn't a modal work better? What do you think?

Hey @vangelov,

I feel like this is very dependent on the UX you're going for. I've used both implementations (detail view container visible always vs action that triggers a modal with that info) and in the end it depends on how you need your UI to work.

For some use-cases, opening a modal to get information, is just another step/click for the user which we can save. For others, a modal works best. Especially if there are many assocations with an object that you need to fetch.

I agree it can work both ways.

I found it strange that the majority of examples use the side approach, though. It makes me wonder whether this is somehow considered "best practice".

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