How to auto populate form values?

Hello, I just want to ask if this is possible. I have created a form then when I put the SKU then click the "Check button", is it possible to auto populate the other fields if the data is in the database? Thanks!

Without more detail an explanation of how it will work is the best I can do.

Yes you will trigger a resource query on click of check button to fetch that item from your database based on the value of your SKU component. Then you can store that item into a temp state and set the default values of each of those components to their corresponding values inside the temp state. So every time you put in a new SKU and click check it will populate the boxes with the data you have related to that SKU.

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Thanks for your reply. Right now, I am using google sheet as my database. I'm still finding a way on how to fetch those data from my database and automatically fill those field if I put the SKU.