How to create row in select if it doesn't exist?

I'm trying to create an auto-fill of sorts on a form. Basically, I have a table that stores some information(customer contacts). In this form, I'd like the user to select one of these customer contacts or if it doesn't exist they can go ahead and create it by just typing the name and having the row created in the background. This would be similar to how a multiselect works in airtable for example.

Is this something that is possible with some scripting? Or would I need to approach this problem in another way?


Hi @ian! Thanks for reaching out. This is definitely doable! We have some info about this in our forms docs here. It may look a little different depending on your specific resource type, so let us know if any further questions come up!

For the select component, you can toggle on "Allow custom values" so that the user can input a value that isn't already in the dropdown