How to append text input to a specific spreadsheet cell based on a selected variable dropdown

I am wanting to build a Google Sheet database of client information (business name, business POC, business phone number, the services we are offering them etc.) and am hoping to build a Retool dashboard where I can view, manage, and change data in that spreadsheet.

For example, if one of my clients wanted to change their digital ads budget for that month, I want to be able to select that client in a Retool table, then type in something like "$3,500" in an input field, and hit a button that then appends the numeric value (or simple text value) into that specific client's digital ads budget cell in Google Sheets.

Essentially what I'm asking, in other words, is how do I change values in any cell in Google Sheets from an input in Retool?

Hi @joel.harbinger,

What you're wanting to do seems like it was answered by @Cole Edit record (Table) using column Dropdown - #7 by Cole. You can read up the post for better context. Swap the column type dropdown with Input Text or USD (cents) or USD (dollar) or Integer. I have tested and is using the dropdown version. This might require that the column have aligning data types so make sure you set the column data types to be similar in your spreadsheet and the column type you are wanting to edit.