How to add/remove changesetArray?

how to add/remove changesetArray?
I tried to use .push but it didn't work

Any idea?

Hi @R_S_I_F,

changesetArray will be automatically populated as the user makes edits to a table. You just need to enable columns to be editable and as soon as an edit is made it will update.

that's true.
I want to make bulk actions on the table and for that, I need JS to modify changesetArray. Any idea how I can do so?

Well, you can use JS to create an array identical to what you would get from changeset array, and use the result in your bulk update query. It depends on what you need.

The table changesetarray variable is meant for changes done by the user on the ui and it has no methods to manually update it.

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changesetArray and changesetObject are readOnly - they tell you what the user has changed in the table component that you may want to then action, ie save to the data source

If you want to bulk update from outside of the table then you're writing changes to the data source, not the table. If you change the data then the table will reflect those changes

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got you thanks!