How to add labels to BigQuery jobs

Hello :wave:

In my company, we are using BigQuery resources to access our data. We would like to keep track of any BigQuery jobs by using labels.
However, I did not find anything on your documentation or as a forum topic that talk about such feature. This is important as it gives us a lot of information for the billing.

Do you think we will see such enhancement in the future release ?

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @kra!

Would you mind expanding a bit more on what you'd be looking for in particular? Curious to know what you have envisioned. Are you looking specifically to add labels to jobs that are created using the existing BigQuery integration?

Also, have you already explored using the jobs API? You should be able to connect to that using a REST API resource!

Hello @Kabirdas :wave:

Thank you for your answer :pray:

That is exactly what I was thinking (i.e. using the BigQuery integration). But I suppose it is not available right now. But it could be nice to have this feature, what do you think ?

This is an eventual solution, I was thinking about that one in case it is not possible to do it directly through the integration.
Maybe we should consider that option.


Got it! Yes, that does seem nice to have :slightly_smiling_face: We can let you know here if and when that functionality is included. Hopefully, using their REST API can work as a holdover until then, please reach out if you have any issues with it!