How to add data to calendar from a form?

I am trying to create a calendar to schedule people. I currently have a drop down that displays employees that are available to work and what jobs need to be accomplished. From here management can select the employee(s) and select the job. Once the job is selected it tells you how long the job should take. I want to be able to add the employees and schedule the job on a calendar.

I see people click on the calendar to add to it but is there a way to add without having to click on the actual calendar and add the data selected?

do you mean add a default date (like today's date) - or just simply type in the date without using the calendar "popup"?

I want to use dropdowns to select what is added to the calendar. I do need a visual calendar so others can see what is scheduled for that date. I need the input on the calendar to have Employee name(s) and what job they are working on. Here is an example of what a user will see:

Hi @djbeto2209 How are things going with this use case? Where does this data get stored? Is it saved to a database or API?

Are you currently using the Retool calendar component?