How to access/change the "Number of rows in the table" parameter

Currently, I use this:

{{ !products.value && !sizes.value ? : }}

It’s OK if I use condition based on 2 values (products.value and sizes.value).

Now I need to add a third condition but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried nested If statement like:

{{ if(filters.value) { ... but it reports an error.

Then I’ve tried to access the table1 number of rows property in the “Run JS” type query but I didn’t find the property for setting the number of rows.

Hi @ckissi! I’m not sure what this {{ }} tag is being used for at first glance, but the tableName.pageSize is the number of rows in a table. That property is based solely off of the height of the table component, and cannot be directly changed.

@alex-w I’m doing server-side pagination that uses this parameter:

and I want to add a 3rd parameter to this condition. The new one is named “filters” so I need to add a condition when filters.value is set it should use the for the number of rows in the table. If it’s not set it should evaluate the current conditions. So it’s like nested if that’s needed there.

@alex-w any idea how to accomplish this?