Cannot count the number of rows in a table when it has a default filter

Hi, I am trying to use {{}} to count the number of rows in my table, but it does not seem to work when my table is filtered.

As you can see below, I have a default filter on this table for where Type includes Collection and where the Delivery Day is = todays date.

As you can see, I cannot count this number of rows when it is filtered, how else could I do this?

Hi @Kilian_Boshoff, I'm assuming that filtered data of the table is being converted to an object rather than an array. You can check when you're filtering and probably adjust the value there to something like[order_number].length or something.

Again, these are assumptions so better to view your filtered data's structure.

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I managed to figure it out another way:

I used a JSON to SQL query

Then referenced that in the statistic component:

Nice workaround and opens new use cases!