How to access a value of Tags/Tag in table

I have this column in my table and it is showing list of options i provided and i indeed can select from this list in UI but how do i get value, in code when running queries i can access all other values from other columns (id,email, etc..) but column with tags is undefined or when i do {{ item }} it is empty object

Hello @feruz111!

Is "Workspaces" a custom column or does it come from the original dataset populating the table?

It is a custom column

It appears like you are setting all of the values for your parsedValue data for the new "workspaces" property to an empty array. This is what you are seeing for the data in the selected row.

When you are using this code to map selectedRows data, is there supposed to be an updated value in the "workspaces" field coming from the table data (via an editable column)? If so, that data would be held in the changesetArray and changesetObject of the table. The selectedRow properties don't contain updates to the source data at all.

Ok thanks that worked, another question whenever i (or user) choose options in custom column i see this modal and when click save it just does nothing, can i remove this modal (fyi it does work when you press cancel it just discards changes you made in table):

In the table properties, there should have been an automatically added Save Add-on for you to configure:

If you delete this the modal will not show up. If you click into it you can setup the save action, which could just be to clear the changes as though you had hit Cancel.

Generally, though, this is where you would take your changesetArray and process it through a query that writes changes back to the source data for the table.