How do I remove a value from state array

I have a state that I am using to store information on selected rows so I can export a CSV and print labels from it. I have a table that on select row adds to the state named var_label_list using a called JS query that runs

var_label_list.setValue(var_label_list.value.concat([])) which adds a value to the array.
This then populates a table with the rows of var_label_list that can be exported into a CSV file. All of this works fine.

In the label list table I've created a custom column to contain a delete button. I'd like to use this to remove entries from the array in var_label_list, but am having no luck. Have tried filter, pop, splice but no luck.

Example: var_label_list.value.splice(1,1) doesn't do anything, but does run. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am going to assume that your table is populated by the var_label_list.value in the same order in which is listed in the temporary state (thinking about index here...)
Try this in a JS query

let temp = var_label_list.value;
temp.splice(table6.selectedIndex, 1);

And make sure the Delete button has the "Select row on click" turned on...

Note that this is NOT my solution, it came from @bradlymathews - have to give credit where credit is due...