How could I use Retool to send a bulk amount of emails to different email addresses?

  • Goal: Send a batch of emails to, lets say, 10,000 email addresses.

  • Steps: I've already looked into Retool Email, however, the limit is 120 for paid subscription and 50 for the free version (im looking to scale this automation to a very large number of recipients).

  • Details: I'd basically have a table called Users, and a column called Email. Each row would represent a different user and its respective email. I'm looking to bulk send an email to each user.

As i understand it, Retool Email isnt a viable option, but would Retool Workflows be a good alternative?


@alessyl :wave: Welcome to the community!

While Retool Workflows can help with automating and managing tasks, sending a large batch of emails (like 10,000) efficiently typically requires a dedicated email service provider that can handle bulk email sending.
For actual emailing, use a dedicated ESP (email service provider) such as SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES, Mailchimp etc...

Connect Retool to the ESP:

  • You might need to connect Retool to an API provided by your chosen ESP

Set Up an API Call in Retool:

  • Create an API resource in Retool to handle sending the emails through your ESP.

Create a Workflow:

  • Use a workflow to fetch user data in batches and send them through the ESP.

Just of consideration, ensure to handle email limits and avoid being flagged as spam by batching your requests and adhering to ESP guidelines. By leveraging Retool for automation and scheduling while depending on a reliable ESP for the heavy lifting of email distribution, you can achieve scalable bulk email sending effectively. Hope this helps

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