How can I link my domain name to retool

I would to link my domain so that

https://<mydomainname>/ exposes the content of my app on https://*

Note that

  • I do not want a redirection (it is different)
  • I do not want self hosting

I have tried to use a reverse proxy that re-routes requests so that when I open https:///, the page of my retool apps shows up, however this page is buggy and does not work.

Is there a possibility ? am I allowed to do that ?

Hi @juaz thanks for sharing your question here. Let me do a bit of research and circle back when I have more concrete info.

So, we don't offer any support for custom domain names on our cloud offering, but the best workaround you can do is embed your Retool apps in an iframe on your website. Hope this is helpful!

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Has this changed? I would like to do what juaz asked.

Hey @BurkeWise, this isn't available yet but it is something the dev team is actively looking at!