Hierarchical table column sources

When I modify a column source, I would like to be able to select sources from properties nested within objects within the row object. For example, I have a set of rows, each with a property "averages", which is an object with the keys "mean", "mode", "median". I would like to set the source to be "averages.mean", etc.

I am currently achieving what I need by flattening the hierarchical structure of the data into the parent, but where I have many nested objects, each with the same set of keys, I need to prefix the keys with the parents name, e.g. my response statistics object would now be flattened/polluted and have properties like completionTimeMean and latencyMean, where previously it had just a completionTimes and latencies objects with mean, etc. Ideally, I could set the column source to completionTimes.mean,

@Glen_Keane great question! This is what the "Mapped value" field is for.

Every column supports this property. It is evaluated for each row in your datasource and allows you to override the default column values. You can reference item (the column value) and currentSourceRow (the entire row from your data source).

In some contexts you'll see both currentRow and currentSourceRow in the evaluation scope. currentRow includes custom columns (those without a specified "Source") and mapped values, while currentSourceRow will always be the un-transformed original source data.

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