Hierarchical/Grouped Data Component

A component that gives a way to present hierarchical/grouped data would be great.

Hey socaljoker! Thanks for the request, I'll make user that this gets logged internally. Just to be clear, you are looking for something like a tree component that would allow you to map data points to nodes?

Yeah, basically.

Sounds good, thanks for the clarification!

id like to second this. we have a JSON structure that is way easier to manage/construct w a hierarchical style editor...at a minimum where we could click on a node and handle that event to show a contextual editor/panel would be awesome.

I am also looking for such a component. any ETA?

Hey everyone, unfortunately I don't have an ETA for this type of component. But it has been added internally as a request, and I have bumped the priority.

HI Joe,

thanks for the info. Looking forward to the component release.